December 14, 2015
This isn't exactly a Bucket List, and this isn't exactly a list of goals, although some of what I write on this list could be categorized under each topic. I was just telling Rachael how there is so much to do here and that I have a growing list of what I would like to check out or accomplish during my free time.

1) Visit Hangzhou West Lake. This is a freshwater lake surrounded by gardens and pagodas, and it can be an ideal spot for a day trip from Shanghai. Scott was just telling me how he was reading an article about how this destination is underrated and often skipped over. We just found out that we won't have to work on New Year's Day, so we were thinking about spending New Year's Eve at a nice guesthouse by this lake.

2) Get teeth whitening. My sister got her teeth professionally whitened by her dentist and highly recommends it. I don't feel that my teeth are majorly yellow, but I do feel like they have gotten slightly stained from coffee and tea. Rachael has already looked into finding a place for us, so now we just have to find the time to actually go and do it!

3) Have high tea at the Waldorf Astoria on the Bund. I was reading reviews of this, and the tiered trays full of sweet and savory snacks look amazing! I also heard positive feedback regarding the service and presentation.

4) Go to Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Disney will be opening this year while I am here!! Of course I'll probably wait a bit since I anticipate that it will be overly crowded at first.

5) Take a trip to Harbin for the Snow and Ice Festival. Rachael blogged about going there last year, and I've been wanting to go ever since reading her post. Scott and I have already booked our trip and will be spending Christmas there!

6) Do a Christmas craft. I'm pre-writing this post, but by the time this gets published, Rachael and I will have already made our craft! We will be making rubber stamps so that we can make homemade Christmas cards. If my stamp looks good, I'll probably make a card for each one of my students.

7) Make some wall art. I did go to IKEA for my first time ever last week and got some items to make my apartment more cozy and more like home. However, my walls are still bare and boring. I did buy an adult coloring book a few weeks back, so I'm going to work on coloring a few pages to hang and display in my bedroom.

8) Taste tea all day at Tianshan Tea City. A few of my friends went one day, but I had other plans and have been wanting to go. They told me it is a great place to try and purchase tea from!

9) Swim in the infinity pool at the Four Seasons in Pudong. As soon as I came across this pin, Scott and I discussed getting a room there for our birthday weekend (yes, we have almost the same birthday) in order to enjoy this luxurious pool with sweeping views of Shanghai.

Image via: Four Seasons
10) Try acupuncture. I want to go to a legitimate place for this that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I also want the doctor to be able to speak English so there aren't any issues in communication. I found a place that I think I'd like to try called Shanghui Health, but after you get analyzed, the doctor comes up with a treatment plan that may require several additional sessions. Knowing that this is rather time consuming is why I haven't tried acupuncture yet. When I go, I want to be able to have the time to commit.

11) Be a tourist in Qibao. Qibao is only a little over 10 miles away from Shanghai's city center, but I heard that it is a traditional, ancient area famous for shadow plays and cricket fighting.

12) Head out for some cocktails at Shaker Xperience. Here you can make three of your own drinks behind the bar. The bartenders are there to help and answer any questions about the cocktails you want to make. It sounds like a fun way to spend an evening with friends!

What do you have on your must-do list?
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