2016 Goals

January 18, 2016

* Pay off at least one student loan. I feel like this is one of my goals every year! In recent months I have been able to put $600 towards the student loan I'm focusing on paying off. What's not encouraging is that it hardly made a dent, but I know I have to keep on making payments because the interest that is accruing on my loans while they sit is no joke.

* Save $5,000. I spent a lot of money from my savings to get to China in the first place, but we get bonuses at the end of our contract and a stipend for the cost of our airfare. I need to replenish the money I lost getting here.

* Explore more in China and in other countries. For traveling and sightseeing, I'd like to do everything on my China Must Do List as well as visit all the places on my Travel List.

* Wear a mask more often when it's polluted. I thought I could get away with not having a mask and that the pollution was tolerable, but in the winter months it really has been much worse. It's so bad that it's visible, my heart will start to race, I'm more prone to losing my voice, and I experience shortness of breath. I ended up buying a fancy mask to help protect myself when walking outside. The first few times I wore it my friends laughed at me, but if there's a possibility that the mask is actually blocking out some of the pollutants, I need to make a more conscious effort to put it on.

* Do a Blog Staycation. For this, I mean I would go to a hotel where the Wifi is decent (since it's not the best where I live) and then I'd like to re-vamp old posts, work on my travel page, delete some older posts that I feel aren't representative of my blog, and also make sure my signature matches in each post. This could take hours upon hours, but I think it's worth the investment to make those changes.

* Eat more fruit. While I have definitely cut down on the amount of desserts I've been consuming and get plenty of vegetables, my diet is severely lacking in fruit. I'm a little picky when it comes to fruit and I don't see the kinds of fruit I like here that often or else they're just super expensive. I do know something has to change because I don't feel healthy by only consuming minimal amounts of one of the major food groups!

* Try harder to meet people. Scott and I were talking and we feel like we're stuck in the little bubble of our school since we have to live on campus. I'd love to meet more people living in Shanghai and just branch out more.

* Read more blogs and interact more with other bloggers. Since I moved here and the internet often does not work well/at all, I've majorly cut down on the amount of time I read other blogs. I truly miss catching up on my favorite blogs and commenting on posts. Even though sometimes I can't control it, at other times I don't even bother trying to connect to the internet since it's so frustrating. (Yes, major first world problems, I know.) I'm going to try to be better with this.

* See my family in August. My niece recently turned one, and a whole year is going to pass without me being able to see her even once. I wasn't sure if I would be back to the States this summer because of the extra cost, but after coming to my senses I decided that I can't put a price on seeing my own family so I will definitely be going back.

How are you doing with your goals for 2016 so far?
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