What I Spent in a Day in Koh Tao, Thailand

February 15, 2016
"What I Spent in a Day" posts are always interesting to me because I like to see how others typically spend their cash. If I'm traveling to a particular area, posts like these also allow me to gauge how much I might spend when I eventually go. Yesterday, I decided to keep track of everything I spent on Koh Tao. Mind you, this is just a typical day and I didn't try to stick to a certain budget. Since Scott and I are nearing the end of our trip, we have been spending more time relaxing and shopping rather than going out and sightseeing.

One night's stay at Chintakiri Resort per person= $40 (USD) or 1,440 Thai baht

We probably looked at over 50 other places to stay, but Chintakiri was the first place we found that had everything we were looking for. We wanted to be away from Sairee Beach because we thought that area would be too crowded. After visiting Sairee Beach for the first time yesterday, we were both very relieved that we weren't staying there. It's just not our scene, but it seemed to appeal to many backpackers. We also wanted a place with a nice view and pool since we figured that we would be using our place to relax, and Chintakiri fit the bill. Our room has been cleaned every day--not the case with our accommodation in Sri Lanka, breakfast is included and we can order what we want from a variety of choices on the menu, we have a deck with a view of the water, and since it's up on a hill it's more secluded. To me paying a bit more to stay here was totally worth it!

Since breakfast was included with the price of our room, the first time I spent money yesterday was on lunch.

One small bottle of water, 1/2 order of vegetable spring rolls, and 1 tofu and vegetable coconut soup at Maruay Thai Food was  $3.61 or 130 baht

Handmade Anklets 2 for $2.78 or 100 baht While going to pick up our laundry, we passed a stand that had tons of anklets and bracelets for sale. Scott bought me an anklet on one of our previous trips and instead of friendship bracelets, we joked that we had friendship anklets. Since both of our anklets broke, I decided to buy us both new ones.

We did a little shopping after lunch at this cute shop near our resort. (The shop isn't named--at least there's no sign or I would have included it in this post.) I splurged a little and bought two pieces of jewelry, one for me and one for a friend.

One necklace and one bracelet for $34 or 1,220 baht That price was after haggling.

One hour foot massage for 300 baht plus 60 baht for a tip= $10 USD total

Scott and I wanted to get foot massages, so we went to a place called Family Thai Massage which got good reviews on Trip Advisor. I was a little scared to get a massage again because earlier in the week I had an awful Thai massage that severely messed up my back and left me with some major bruising. The women at Family Thai Massage looked horrified when I showed them my bruises and promised to be gentle. They were and even put medicine on all of my bruises for me!

We had to go to the Sairee Beach area to go into a dive shop because a girl at our school forgot her flash drive there and asked Scott to pick it up for her.

Taxi to Sairee Beach was 400 baht one way ($11.11 USD) from Chintakiri. Since I was with Scott, I split it, so I paid 200 baht to get there and 400 baht total since we also spent 400 baht to get back. On the way back they wanted us to pay 500 baht initially, but we told them no and started to walk away. We got flagged down 2 minutes later and got to pay 400. On our drive to Sairee Beach, a Thai man randomly fell off of his motorbike, directly in front of our taxi. Our driver swerved a bit and slammed on his brakes, but came really close to running him over--it was scary. The man that fell ended up being okay, thank goodness. Motorbike accidents are one of the top ways foreign tourists die on Koh Tao. (Think of drunk tourists driving home at night.) I can see why because that man fell for no apparent reason when the weather was perfect and when the road was in good condition/not curvy.

Coconut, chocolate, banana crepe=50 baht or $1.39 I needed a little snack while we were down in the Sairee Beach area and couldn't resist a crepe!

After checking out some of the shops in the area, we went for a stroll on the beach and watched the sunset. Then, we went to find some dinner at Hippo Bistro Burger.

1 Snickers shake and 1 classic burger at Hippo Burger Bistro= 300 baht or $8.33

Last but not least, I found a place that removed gel nails. I was so excited because I didn't have time to get a new manicure/get my gels taken off in China before I left. My nails were looking pretty bad. Since I didn't want to have to worry about gross looking nails the rest of the trip, I got them done again. I resisted trying them out in the first place because I didn't want to deal with the upkeep, but now I'm clearly addicted. I keep telling Scott "next time" will be my last set.

One set of gel nails (including removal of old ones) at Silver Sands was 700 baht or $19.44.

In the end, I spent a total of: $130.66 or 4,7034 baht. You can get by in Thailand for way less, but I don't consider myself a budget traveler anymore so I was okay spending this amount.

What kind of traveler are you?
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