March Confessions

March 16, 2016
Let's get right into it, shall we?

* I'm terrified of my heater. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, my principal had the same type of heater as we all have in our apartments. Last year it exploded in her office and it caused a fire. I was told that the solution to this problem is to just turn the heaters off when we're not there. Umm...? My heater is directly above my bed and it has still been cold here, so I leave it on at night. I'm pretty sure my heater is not going to discriminate when to blow itself up based on whether or not I'm in the room. I was thinking of rearranging my whole bedroom because of this, so at least if it blows up then it won't be directly above me, and then I can have a chance of surviving. (Overboard?)

* I can't stop getting gel nails. I went and got them done with my friend Lauren in the fall saying that I would just do it once or twice and then go back to painting my nails myself. That hasn't happened yet and probably won't happen anytime soon. We all feed each other's habit and make dates with other girls who get gel nails to get fresh manicures. The worst part is now I am also getting gel pedicures. I thought this was totally unnecessary, but the place I get my nails done at was having a sale so that it was actually cheaper to get gel polish on my toes than it would have been for a regular pedicure. The salon doesn't have any dryers, so when Rachael and I got regular pedicures, we were stuck waiting for 45 minutes for our toenails to dry. Even after waiting, when I put my boots on, they still got smudged, so now I get gel pedicures, too. I like the place we go to, but I have to question what kind of nail salon "doesn't have" dryers?? I think they know what they're doing. 

* At our school, if it is our first year here, then we are considered a first year teacher no matter how many years of experience we have had at other schools. We are required to have a mentor (who often have less experience than "first year" teachers) and to be observed a certain number of times per year. My mentor can't observe me because she is also in 1st grade and we teach at the same time, so I've had to ask other teachers to watch me. I tried to pick people who are experienced and who have worked at our school for more than three years. So far, I have had the head of the English department watch me as well as our school's liaison. I also asked a very experienced teacher to observe and the principal came in one day unexpectedly and watched my whole class. My last observation was last week, and I must confess that I'm happy that they're all finished!! They have all gone really well, but I get so nervous and feel like I act weird during them even though everyone reassures me that I don't. For my last observation, I asked the school liaison to watch me again, and I guess she told my mentor what an excellent job I did and told her that she was in a bad mood that day but watching me with my students put her in a good mood. 

* I haven't yet told my friend Lauren the name of my blog, but she knows that I blog. I even write about her on here (she knows that, too), so I should really probably tell her soon. I mean, what do I think will happen if I tell Lauren my blog's name? The world will end? Rachael once told me that my agenda is "being secretive," ha ha ha...but at least I have friends who get that and who get me!

* One of the other first grade teachers is really healthy and so we are teaching lessons in personal growth class to our students about how to be healthy, which I think is really beneficial. While I think my students this year are way healthier than my average students in the States, everyone (including myself) could always improve, right? Speaking of improvements, I used to get some fries a few times a week at the school cafeteria, but now I feel like I can't because my students will call me out. I was doing well until one day last week when nothing else appealed to me. Out of desperation, I did get a very small bowl of waffle fries. Of course I had six students say something about how I was eating junk food...which they were totally right about. On top of that, the fries were cold--so not worth it!! Lesson learned: I'm not doing that again!

* We did a short science experiment so that students could understand the differences between physical and chemical changes. I bit into an apple and told students that it was a physical change and had them all make observations about the apple. I told them that I would leave it out in a place where they could see and that during their break times, they could go and see if it changed. (It was supposed to turn brown, which is a chemical change.) Well, one of my students ran over to the apple and took a big bite out of where I had just bitten. I have to admit that it was hard not to laugh over him eating the science experiment.

* Sometimes I really just can't fake the small talk, so it's nice to have people around me that do it for me while I just smile in the background. Thanks for being so outgoing, Scott and Rachael!

* I really do not like grocery shopping here. Well, to be fair, I don't really like it anywhere, but here it's worse because the place I like to go to requires a taxi. Then, when I'm finally there, I want to buy everything but always have to hold back because I can only hold what I can carry. Even though the taxi drops us off in front of our school, I still have to walk for 10 minutes on campus and walk up five flights of stairs. At any rate, my confession is that I completely ran out of food and then didn't make it out to get groceries when I thought I would have time because I felt like death. Scott had to give me an egg and some cereal for breakfast!! Ha ha...utter fail on my part. 

* One day last week Scott had to go into the school super early so we didn't walk together. As I was walking into school alone, I got really sad and thought to myself, "This is just a taste of what next year will be like without him." 

* McDonald's delivers here. Not going to lie, I got McDonald's delivery last Sunday and felt like the laziest person ever...And no, I am NOT going to mention this to my students. Shhhh!

* A Family Mart (Korean convenience store chain) opened up on the street that my school is on. You have no idea how happy I am about this. In Korea I lived right by a Family Mart, too!! They carry the banana milk that I like and the store is clean looking...for now. I just wish they had seats outside of it like the one by my place in Korea.

* I spent over $100 at Sephora last week, and most of that went towards this pack of SK II products. SK II is so expensive, but I am scared this pollution will make me look 90 in two years, so that's the main reason why I spent that kind of money on SK II. I mean, Cate Blanchett swears by it, so if I continue to use it, I know that my skin will look as radiant as hers does forever. ;) 

Would you be scared of your own heater if you were me? What was your last splurge? What fast food chain would you order from and get delivered if you could?
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