Photos on My Camera Roll that Make Me Laugh

March 29, 2016
The other day, I needed to clear up some space on my i-Phone, so I went through my old photos to see what I could delete. As I was going through them, there were several that made me laugh. These photos are in no way, shape, or form Instagramable. If I posted them on Facebook, people would wonder what on earth I was posting. That is why I think they belong here on my blog with a bit of explanation for each one.

A group of my girl students kept telling me that I was beautiful like a princess (such flattery, right?), and I laughed and told them that it was funny they should say that because on our three week vacation, my bff Mr. Scott kept responding to me by saying, "Yes, my queen." Of course my students thought that was hilarious and now they'll jokingly say, "Yes, my queen!" to me. For one of our classes, all of the first grade teachers had to come up with a spring craft to do with the class, so this is the one that I chose to do with the students. I told the girl that made this that her chick was adorable, and then 2 minutes later she came back with the chick, only she added a pink speaking bubble at the top that said, "Thank you, my queen." She told me that I complimented her chick, and that was the chick's response to me. Ha ha ha!! The students I have this year are so creative.

Scott and I had been up since 4:30 AM and then had a 15 hour layover in Pattaya at U-Tapao International Airport. Even though we left the airport for an excursion, we still had to wait there for hours and our flight back to China happened to get delayed. We felt exhausted, gross, and irritated, and then this woman decided to fall asleep right between/on us! The room was full of hundreds of Chinese people, so it was rather loud in there. I can't even begin to fathom how it was possible for this woman to sleep with the noise and in this uncomfortable position, but it seemed to work for her, ha ha ha!

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture above, but it was too funny for me not to add! Before school started, all of the foreign and Chinese teachers in each grade level had to get together to pose for a picture. Scott started to blink halfway through and then this picture was displayed in the lobby for parents, students, and co-workers to see for over six months. Every time I walked by this photo, I would chuckle to myself. When I found out the pictures were going to be replaced, I had to snap this photo (hence the grainy quality since it is a zoomed in photo of a photo) to have ammunition to tease Scott with. Our friendship is just like that, and naturally I used this picture as my phone background for months.

Look at the third one down. Needless to say, I had to do a double take on that one. Scott and I thought the name of the restaurant was funny. After a few Google searches, I found out from their website that Cabbages and Condoms "was conceptualized in part to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA)." So, the money goes towards a good cause and you might have a laugh or two while dining at the restaurant. I mean, right on their website, it does say that their food does not cause pregnancy. :)

Some of our students' math projects are on display. I'm not really sure of the exact requirements for this project since the Chinese teachers teach math at our school, but students had to use solid figures to create their project. One of the boys Scott works with made this project. The boy is so proud this, but Scott says it freaks him out because "he skinned Santa" and plopped his face on his project! I couldn't resist taking a picture of this, and I randomly Air Drop it to Scott when he least expects it. Scott's reaction to this is always hysterical.

Please don't think I'm a bully picking on innocent, little Scott. He makes fun of me probably even more than I make fun of him, and this picture is just one small example of that. When I first came to China, my hair did not respond well to the water here. I couldn't brush through my hair at all, and got this giant hair ball that could NOT be brushed out. Trust me, I tried everything and so did others. I had to have it cut out and then shell out $100 for a conditioning treatment so that I could brush it again. Anyway, Scott said my hair looked like this ratchet mop, so this is him pretending to be me. Sadly, this picture is kind of accurate, because my hair probably did have the same texture as that gross mop!

Grading my students' homework is always an experience because I never know what kind of funny sentences I'll get to read. I probably get a humorous one like this every other day.

When Scott and I booked our 5 star hotel in Guilin, we saw some beautiful pictures of the pool area on the official website and on Agoda, and we so excited to take a dip! Instead, we were greeted with this mess, which Scott described so accurately as "a festering pool." When we inquired about the pool and hot spring, the girl at the front desk laughed at us and then said, "What is hot spring?" It wouldn't have been so bad for the girl not to have known what a hot spring was normally, but the hotel's name has the word "hot spring" in it!! After her, "What is hot spring?" comment, Scott muttered under his breath, "Gee, I don't know. Maybe it's the name of your hotel!" This picture makes me laugh uncontrollably because this is seriously disgusting and is a far stretch from what we were expecting.

Scott is obsessed with cleaning and readily admits it. He is always ordering cleaning supplies and mops. If I have a few items out of place in my apartment, he'll usually comment and say, "Oh, it's so tidy in here." I went and bought a few items from Ikea awhile back, one of them being this duvet. I hadn't opened it up yet, and Scott knocked on my door one day saying, "I'm stressed! Let me into your place so I can clean something!" Then, he made my bed for me. What's so funny is that he had to come to my place to clean because I'm sure his place was spotless already. He has an ayi (cleaning lady) come every other week, and I swear he has to mess his place up for her just for her to have a few things to do. I still wonder what she does in his place for an hour. "Cleaning" his place is probably her easiest job. 

Do you have any photos saved on your phone that just crack you up?
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