Scott's Top 10 Travel Accessories

April 21, 2016
If you've even read one post on here this year, then I have probably mentioned my close friend Scott. Funny story on how we met... We both were pursuing Education degrees at Ohio State, and we were placed in the same art methods class. We kept getting put into the same groups (destiny,) but here is the kicker... For our huge, culminating project at the end of the year, we had to develop a lesson and come up with a craft, while teaching about other cultures. There were five countries to choose from, and I was the only one that picked China as my first choice. Scott picked Mexico, but too many others had already chosen that, so he got placed into "China" with me. Fast forward five years, and we both moved to Shanghai, China together to teach! Looking back, perhaps it was a bit of foreshadowing on what was to come?

At any rate, I've been telling Scott that he was welcome to post on my blog for about three years now. While we were traveling together, I asked him if he could write one about the best travel accessories because he is always so organized and tidy wherever we are! He might have a cushy travel eye mask, whereas there I am, a few feet away, using a black sock to cover my eyes in order to block out the light. Scott knows how to travel in style and seems to have all of these extra accessories that make life on the road a bit easier, so he's here to share them with you today. Enjoy the read; I know I did!

Scott’s 10 Travel Necessities…I Mean, Accessories

Hello! Scott at the wheel. I’ve now had the opportunity to travel with my phenomenal bff and travel partner Lisa all over the world and have come to discover some important accessories that are really and truly travel necessities. At least, if you want to travel in both style and grace, that is.

1) A good, sturdy, stylish backpack

Ok, I’m not talking about one of those gigantic, back-breaking book bags that turn their wearer into some sort of horrific turtle. I’m talking about a quality backpack that is big enough to be usable yet portable enough that it can slide beneath the seat in front of you on a plane. I find that the more pockets the better and if you can find one with an inside pocket you’ve struck gold! Good luck getting to that sucker, money thieves. I’ve traveled everywhere with my backpack and its been absolutely one of the best investments I’ve made.

2) A hanging toiletries bag - matching preferred but not necessary.

You may be laughing and rolling your eyes, but seriously, having a toiletries bag that can hang is so much better than any toiletries bag siting on the counter in who knows what! I love my rolled up bag since I can fit all of the things I need (including my glasses with their big ol’ case) and stick it into my backpack for use. Then, if I need it, I can hang it on anything available: airplane doors, train sleeper bunks, my worthwhile backpack. Everywhere. If you have a toiletries bag that matches #1, you’ve earned a gold traveler star.

3) Lush Shampoo Bar

I’m obsessed with Lush products and this shampoo bar is the best thing. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of liquids, sizes, and all that jazz. The solid bar lasts my balding head and me about 4 months each (so probably 3 months on a normal head of hair) and is so much easier to travel with. Love it! Choose “Montalbano” for a lovely, citrusy morning pick-me-up and grab the tin for easy transport.

4) A universal adapter

This little adapter is sure to be one of my traveling best friends. I’ve read wonderful reviews about this universal adapter and its ease of use and I can’t wait to try it out this summer. I’m including it on this list even though I haven’t used it yet except in China because how could it not be incredible? I know I’m going to regret saying that, but honestly, how much easier will it be to travel with only one adapter and not have to worry about voltz, hz, juice, and whatever else is electric sounding that none of us understand? Can’t wait to update everyone on this little guy.

5) Multi-port Power Station

Let’s just say it. This travel accessory is a bit on the bulkier side, but I will tell you that it more than makes up for its size with its usefulness! This power station has been worth every penny. It only needs one cord, converts all voltages for you, and has ports for days! On this sucker are 6, 3 prong ports as well as 2 usb ports for charging things that require a usb cable. You can also store any and all cables inside of it in the convenient pocket. It’s such a remarkable tool that I could devote paragraphs talking about it. Lisa and I have been able to charge both our phones, cameras, and computers at.the.same.time. all while using only one outlet. How crazy is that??? Get it. Enough said.

6) A good eye mask.

Not all eye masks are created equal. I’m going to sound a bit like Ina Garten a la “Barefoot Contessa” when I say this, but you need to make sure that the eye mask you have is a good eye mask. Let me explain. You don’t want a mask that holds your head in a vice-like grip and you don’t want a mask that puts so much pressure on your eyes that they are being shoved back into your skull. It simply needs to block out all forms of light comfortably (and with style). This eye mask by Earth Therapeutics is fabulous. It’s adjustable, light, and best of all actually is raised in the eye area so that there is nothing sitting on your eye. You can even blink without touching the mask - or at least I could. I think Lisa and her long-ass eyelashes may have grazed the edge, but still, it’s amazing.

7) A memory foam, packable, and “connectable” neck pillow

I used to scoff at those people with these neck pillows on the plane. “Ha” I would say, “Why bring that big ol’ thing and take up valuable clothing space.” Well, let’s just that I’ve learned otherwise. I bought the “Evolution Pillow” by Cabeau and my life was forever changed. First of all, it compresses to the teeny tiniest of sizes but then through some voodoo magic expands to about 6 or 7 inches tall! It’s wizardry. Second, it’s memory foam. What else could be better? Third, it’s connectable, meaning I can put the two sides together via handy little snap and have a firm, immovable pillow that have given me so many zzzzzzzs on the plane that I’ve lost count. Pair this with the eye mask and you’re sure to have a wonderful flight - unless you’re Lisa and your gripping the seat for fear of your life the whole with every little bump hahaha Sorry, Lisa.

8) An e-reader

Be it an iPad, Kindle, or Nook. Having an e-reader with a plethora of books at your fingertips staves off boredom and saves space when packing. Before trips, I always load up with some books and store them on my iPad to read later. I know people who even skip paying for the books and just download them from their local, stateside library for free! How easy is that?

9) Travel Journal

We’re nearing the end of the list, folks, but this travel accessory should definitely be near the top. I started journaling about a year ago and it’s become such a therapeutic device that not only lets me record trips and fun things that have happened but also vents frustrations in a healthy way (like that time with that crazy cab woman in Thailand who REFUSED to turn around). As always, go for quality. This journal is from Barnes and Noble and is sturdy, small, college ruled, and perfect. I couldn’t travel without it and you won’t be able to either once you get one for yourself! Trust me.

10) An awesome travel companion

I’m talking about Lisa, of course! Having had Lisa as a bff for all of our travels all over the world has been the best experience ever. You need a travel companion who gets your brand of crazy, someone who can make you laugh whenever you may be down, someone who listens to you when you just need to talk, advises against questionable life choices, someone who is there as a financial advisor and math wizard with money, and someone who is just all-around amazing, fabulous, marvelous, (insert every other adjective meaning the best thing ever!). Hard to find, right? Well I found one in Lisa! She’s really the best “accessory that’s a necessity” ever and I can’t wait for more of our travels together. Be sure to get a Lisa for your next vacation. You won’t regret it ;)

So that’s it. Scott’s Top 10 travel necessities, I mean accessories! What would your top 10 travel necessities be?


Well folks, I hope you liked Scott's guest post. I can personally vouch for #5--it's AMAZING and everything we have is always fully charged without having to take turns with outlets. Also, how sweet is he for #10? I'm just glad he puts up with me! If you're interested in more of Scott's adventures abroad, follow him on Instagram!
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