Weekly Wrap Up: Fabric Market, Jing'An, and Getting Pampered

April 4, 2016
I decided to start my weekend early and invited my squad (Rachael, Steven, and Scott) to get massages at a branch of Bamboo 7 on Thursday night. We didn't have a whole lot of time before our appointments, so we grabbed a quick dinner at Subway and then made it to the massage parlor. Now it looks like I just eat at Subway all the time in China since I said I got it last weekend, but last weekend was the first time I'd ever gotten it here, I swear! The place we booked at had a package which was 338 RMB (around $54 USD) to get a one hour foot massage and then a one hour back massage with oil. Naturally, this is what we wanted to do. When we got the foot massages, they gave us all pale yellow, silk  outfits to change into. It was pretty embarrassing because it was one size fits all and the pants were skin tight on me. Of course, they looked like a sack on Steven, which was not encouraging, but I got over it and the good news was that they didn't burst open at the seams. The foot massage part was fun because that's when we were all talkative. So were our masseurs. It was obvious that they were talking about us the entire time...Oh to be able to understand Chinese! They even brought out some reflexology sticks at started massaging us with those. Scott and I go to a foot massage place near where we live and we love it, but it was nice to treat ourselves and to go to a place that was clean, had a bathroom, and had more frills, such as the tea and fruit plate we were given.

After our foot massage, we were brought into another room that had four massage tables with a "diaper, " or "nappy" as our Irish friend Steven called it. It was awkward wearing those, but also hilarious.

On Friday after work, I had to take a trip to the bank and then I just stayed in because I had a long to-do list. I feel quite accomplished because I got most if it done! I ended up booking my flight back "home" to Ohio so that I can visit my family this summer. Then, I purchased a one-way ticket back to China. Because I had accrued so many points through Chase Sapphire Preferred, I only had to pay $150 out of pocket! Most importantly, I was finally able to figure out my taxes. I had a complicated situation this year because I worked half of the year in the States and then half of the year in China, but Form 1116 was the one I needed to apply for a tax credit so that I would not be charged doubly. It all worked out, and I'll be getting a refund, yay!

On Saturday, Scott and I took a trip out to the South Bund Fabric Market to get some clothes tailor-made. I ended up getting a blue trench coat for spring, two short sleeved blouses with bows, two pairs of shorts, a romper, and a copy of a dress that I already own in another color. I got most of my clothes made from Michael and Tina in shop 126 on the bottom floor. I ended up spending entirely too much, but Scott tried to console me saying, "You NEED that stuff." It's true because it's not like China is full of clothes for women like myself who are six feet tall. Rompers in the States do not really fit me because of my long torso, so I'll be happy to finally own one. It is kind of the best feeling to be able to "design" my own clothes by picking the fabric, color, and customizing the style to suit my taste. Scott got a couple of suits, and we will both be going back next week to pick up our purchases!

Right outside of the Fabric Market, we stopped and got some freshly squeezed juice. There was a variety of different fruit that we could choose from, and I opted for a cup of strawberry pineapple juice.

Our next stop was Dagu Lu. Scott and I went to Masala Desi for some Indian food. It was raining, and we almost went home after our meal, but we decided to go check out a little park at the end of the street, and I'm so glad we did! It was tiny, but so beautiful with a pond full of lily pads and a tree lined pathway.

We decided to check out some more parks, including Yanzhong Park. There is a section in there called "Taste Park" with some trees that produce edible fruit! No fruit was ready at this point in the year, but do people really just pull the fruit off of the trees and eat it in the park? I don't know!! Maybe I'll have to go back to check it out.

When Scott and I go to Jing'An we usually go with specific plans in mind and don't really wander around the streets, but on Saturday we just went wherever we thought looked interesting. We found several streets that were to-die-for cute near the Lyceum Theater. They were full of boutiques, small restaurants, and cafes. The restaurants were so small that many could only fit a few tables resulting in a cozy and intimate atmosphere. We stopped at a coffee shop and had some caffeinated beverages and split an order of bread pudding.

We did head home after that, but I realized that I do need to just go and "get lost" more often because it's the best way to discover new places!

Later that evening, I headed over to Scott's and we watched Les Revenants. Season 2 is not as easy to follow as the first season, but we think we have more an idea of what's happening now. There's so much going on, so we keep having to remind each other of the characters' various stories.

On Sunday, I had a chill morning and then met Rachael in Jing'An near where I was with Scott on Saturday. She recommended an adorable place called Helen Nail Spa on Julu Lu because we both wanted to get a facial. We got our own, private room that was connected to a bathroom. After that, we got pedicures and Rachael played Justin Bieber's new song at least five times for me, ha ha!

For dinner that night, we met our friend Nate at Sichuan Citizen for some tasty Chinese food. They had really good mapo doufu (spicy tofu.)

It feels weird to be wrapping up my weekend now because we actually have Monday off here in China for tomb sweeping day, so I do have today free. This is one of the first times I chose to stay behind and not travel during a three-day weekend, but it was seriously so nice to be in Shanghai!

Weekly Wrap Up

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