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April 14, 2016
I'm taking a moment to stop and appreciate what's awesome in my life right now because I've been inspired by Rachael and Anne's Awesome Link Up. Here it goes...

1) All of the parents of the students I teach want me to continue teaching their children again next year, and I guess a few of them are even writing a letter to my principal to request me. I'm really flattered that they feel so strongly. Of course, I take that as a huge compliment! As I've repeatedly mentioned, I LOVE my class of first graders this year, so it's nice to know that the feeling is mutual. I don't really know what will happen or if I'll be asked to go to second grade by my principal, but regardless of what happens, I have had such an amazing time this year getting to know each and every one of my students.

2) I'm grateful that I get to go out and explore China! Last weekend, I visited Longhua Pagoda and Temple, and this weekend I'll be going to a famous antique market. I've also been taking biweekly cultural classes. Next, we might ask our instructor to teach us about Chinese medicine. It's just the best that I can spend my weekends going to well-known places around Shanghai because there's hardly anything I like more than exploring and learning about other cultures.

3) I've gotten a three day weekend in April and will be getting one more in May and another three day break in June. I mean, who doesn't love a three day weekend? Your weekend is extended, and as an added bonus, the next weekend is only four days away.  For the last three day weekend, Rachael, Steven, Scott, and I had lunch in Xintiandi and then spent the day admiring the Stone Gates (Shikumen,) which used to be the typical type of architecture in Shanghai. The area is very clean and well maintained, it's for pedestrians only, and there are plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating.

4) I feel like the study abroad program I did fourteen years ago is STILL shaping my life! A friend I made while studying in France is working in another city in China, so I'm going to fly out to see him at the end of April. I know I'm going to have a blast, but I'm also slightly nervous because we seriously haven't seen each other for fourteen years! Crazy, right?!

5) Birthday Celebrations are happening soon! It's my birthday this Sunday, and the thought of organizing a big dinner or having elaborate plans freaked me out, and I just didn't want to deal with it. I debated on whether or not to even do anything, but I did decide to do a low key dinner with about ten people at La Crêperie in Jing'an. It should be a chill evening. Scott's birthday is right after mine, so we will be going out for sushi and drinks for his day, and another girl we are friends with is having a big bash on Saturday night. I go out about once in a blue moon these days, but I think I'm overdue for a night out on the town. 

6) My upcoming Staycation is going to rock. I was on Pinterest and found an image of a beautiful infinity pool with a view at The Four Seasons in Pudong. Scott and I had been wanting to go there, so ended up booking a room downtown for this Saturday! Hopefully our room will have a good view of Shanghai's skyline. It will be nice to stay downtown for once because I don't go out to Pudong that often, as it is at the opposite end of Shanghai.

7) I found out that my summer vacation is going to be even longer than what I thought it was going to be. This was excellent news because it means that I'll have more time in Ohio, and I'll be able to squeeze in a few more visits with friends.

8) It's officially spring in Shanghai. The flowers are in bloom and I've been able to go outside without a coat multiple times now. If I do require a jacket, just a light one is needed. Others have told me that the arrival of spring means that the air quality will be better since less fossil fuels will be burning to heat homes. It has already been better these days in comparison to December and January.

9) Two people asked me if I could be their mentor next year for teaching programs that they will be completing! Nothing is set in stone, but it's nice that they trust me enough to let me be their mentor.

10) Over my vacation in Koh Tao, I mentioned that I got a Thai massage and it really messed up my back. I don't know how Scott even dealt with me because I could hardly walk for a few days and was in excruciating pain for awhile. I'm relieved to report that my back pain is totally gone again. I don't know what it is about China, but it's like a miracle because I'm cured of the pain when I'm here! I mean, my bed is new and pretty firm, but in the States I would sleep directly on the floor and that seemed to make no difference. (??) It's so nice to be pain-free again!

What's going well for you in your life?

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