My Life in Numbers: Hospital Edition

July 12, 2016
A few years back, I did a regular "My Life in Numbers" post, but since my back surgery became a life altering event, I wanted to reflect a bit on what has happened to me so far.

2- The number of cages in my back and also how many different hospitals I stayed at during my surgery. This was how many months pay I missed, too. 

3- The number of vertebrae I had fused together (triple fusion) and the amount of times I still need to go to the hospital per week.

4- How many times I tried acupuncture in Xinjiang. Unfortunately, at that stage, the damage to my spine was already too great for this to be an effective form of treatment. Additionally, this was how many hours it took for me to fly back to Shanghai from Urumqi on a stretcher.

 5- The number of doctors, including my surgeon, that have been working with me on my recovery following my surgery. It's also the number of bouquets I received from my whole class and from individual students. 

5.5- How many hours my surgery took.

6- I stayed in the 6th building in bed 6 in Shanghai and it's the number of screws I have in my spine to stabilize it.

6.5- How many trips I had to cancel because of my surgery. I had to forego my trip to Morocco, Spain, Iceland, Hangzhou, Myanmar, and my trip back to Ohio because of this. I also included Urumqi as a half a trip missed since this is where the injury became extreme, and I couldn't go sightseeing and hiking like I'd originally planned.

7- How many different shows I watched at least a full season of while in the hospital: The Mindy Project, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Unreal, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars, and The Bachelorette (okay, I will watch the full season of The Bachelorette once everything is released.) This is also how many blog posts I've published since the incident.

8- This is the number of students that visited me either in the hospital or at the apartment I'm temporarily staying in. 

11- How many get well cards I've received.

13- The amount of different roommates I've had during my hospital stay.

17- The date I had my surgery (May 17th.)

18- How many months it could take for me to make a full recovery.

20- According to my doctors, the maximum amount of minutes I'm allowed to sit up for at a time.

26- The number of days I couldn't walk for.

42- Number of working days missed.

50 plus- How many meals were provided for me by my friends and my students' parents. I am really grateful for this because I'm not able to cook.

55- Total number of days I spent in the hospital.

90- How many days of bed rest I need before I can even think about going back to work.

180- How many days I should wear my back brace for.

30,000- Roughly the total cost of my surgery and hospital stay, in USD.

Have you ever had surgery or had your quality of life severely affected due to an injury? How did you cope?
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