Bad Habits

August 2, 2016
My blogging pal Lora wrote a post about her bad habits, which I found interesting. Her post made me want to think about my own bad habits and document them on my blog. I think it's important to be self-aware and to acknowledge your less than stellar traits because no one's perfect, right?

* Slouching and hunching over. Being a tall girl, this bad habit just comes to me naturally. I'll do it in group photos or by short men on purpose. When I sit, sometimes it just feels better on my back to slouch at the moment, but then I pay the price later for not sitting properly. Now that I've had back surgery, I have to wear a back brace for the next six months, so I'm hoping that will help stop the problem. I'm not going to do it intentionally if I feel like a giant around others, either. I'd rather deal with being tall than hurting my healing spine. I think I just need to retrain myself!

* Wasting time on my phone. Since I got an iPhone a few years ago, my phone addiction started. I feel obligated to constantly check my messages in case a co-worker or if a student's parent messages me about my job. I don't want to respond to a parent hours later if I can help it. My issue is that I get on and check those messages, but then I'll see I have notifications on other forms of social media, so I'll check all those accounts, too. Sometimes I just get sucked in and way too much time has passed. I really need to be better at this and put a time limit on my phone usage.

* Not paying attention to directions. When I go out in Shanghai with others, I just focus on talking to whoever I'm with. I do NOT stop and look around at my surroundings at all, and then when I have to go back to the same place on my own, I have no idea how to get there. At first I thought I was just really bad at directions, but now I think the issue is that if I don't pay attention. If I consciously try to put an effort in, I can do it. I'll admit that last year, I relied on my friend Scott a lot for directions and finding new places. He is freakishly good at finding his way around--it was like having my own personal compass. This year, I need to step it up a bit since my compass decided he wanted to go back to the States.

* Overthinking things/Being a perfectionist. When someone asks me to do something or I have a job for work, I won't just do it and be done with it. I'll look at it over and over and constantly question if it is good enough or if it could be better. While I think it's okay to be a little critical, I tend to take it to the extreme. Because I know I do this, I put off my work until the last minute. This also stops be from tackling new challenges because I can sometimes stress myself out and spend SO much time on something that could have been easy!

* Eating junk food. Now, I don't only eat junk food, but gosh...I would say I like to have at least one piece of junk food a day. I never realized how much I loved junk food until I had my surgery and couldn't leave to buy myself any! When my friends asked me what I wanted in the hospital, I'd tell them some kind of junk food or a sugary Starbucks drink. While I try to limit my addiction, I know I could be better in this area. After all, I don't want to gain back the fifteen pounds I lost in China.

* Not cleaning up after myself right away. I could just wash a dish right after I'm done with it or sweep the floor right when some crumbs fall, but I don't. Instead, I'll let everything pile up and then spend a big chunk of time having to tidy up. This year I'm going to pay an ayi to help me clean since I'm not supposed to be doing a lot of bending or twisting, but I should still try to just do everything little by little to avoid a bigger mess.

* Splurging and spending too much money out with friends. In the past, I've been able to balance splurging and saving, but this year, I'm only going to splurge on traveling and that's it. Well, I am going to try to be better, anyway. I want to be able to pay my dad back the $30,000 I owe him for my back surgery as quickly as possible. I might not be able to do it all in a year, but I would like to at least get that number lowered significantly.

* Procrastinating. My other bad habit of overthinking things has a direct effect on my procrastination. If I know I have a deadline and put things off, procrastinating tends to help me get the job done faster because I have that pressure and don't have time to waste by constantly questioning myself. That's good and bad... If I wait 'til the absolute last minute, procrastinating just causes me a ton of extra stress that I don't need. Maybe I could wait until close to the deadline for that motivation, but not until the ninth hour?

Can you relate to any of these?
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