Fashion Trends I'm on Board With (And Ones I'm Not Too Keen On)

August 22, 2016
I can't believe I'm writing a post about fashion...What on Earth!? This summer when a friend asked me if I wanted anything from the States, I said magazines in English to entertain myself with during my long recovery from my spinal fusion surgery. Usually I read the fashion portion of the magazine, but just observe the trends and don't necessarily of follow them. While I was trendier when I was younger, these days I care more about quality, whether I personally like the item, and of course about comfort. Surprisingly, this time around, I found that there are a lot of trends that I'd actually want to wear! Don't you love it when the trends coincide with your personal style?

Trends I Like

*Velvet shoes- Oh my goodness, I adore this look, especially in burgundy. I saw these velvet ballet flats with the buckle on Pinterest and was keeping my fingers crossed that they wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Alas, they are currently being sold for $695, which is just not within my budget, but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a similar style that's more affordable. There's always the possibility of getting some made like this where I live in Shanghai, too!

Here are some other velvet shoe options that are easier on our wallets. Unfortunately, I'm unable to wear heels for awhile (maybe even forever?) because of my back problems. I do like the following pairs of shoes, even though I'll have to be foregoing this look.

*Chokers- This trend is appealing to me because it makes me nostalgic for my 9th grade days when I had quite the collection of chokers in the 90's. Plus, there are so many different spins on chokers that it's easier to find one that matches your own personal style. I've seen all sorts of them made from lace, leather, velvet, metal, suede, etc. There are ones that are embroidered or ones that have pendants on the end or ones with cute bows. The possibilities are endless. Right now I'm digging this Victorian inspired pearl choker from Baublebar.

Forever 21 also has a bunch of them for less than $4.00 like this layered crochet choker! 

*Tassels- I noticed this trend awhile ago, and bought myself a pair of handmade tassel earrings at a Shanghai Christmas Market last December. When I was in Thailand, I purchased a beautiful beaded necklace with a green tassel in the middle. Even my purse goes from plain to fun with the addition of some tassels. Obviously, I like the look, but I just hope this trend doesn't get so popular that we get sick of seeing them (like the feather trend a few years ago). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this trend is here to stay, at least for a bit longer.

There are tons of really adorable purses with tassels on them at Nordstrom right now. Below is one example, but there are some great Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade handbags as well.

*Lace Up Flats- Being a tall girl, I tend to gravitate towards flats in the first place. So while I own a bunch of flats already, I was happy to see a different take on them when the laces were added. I think they look great paired with jeans or with skirts, and a good pair of flats can be a lot more comfortable than heels if you have to be on your feet a lot at work.

*Bomber Jackets- My favorite kind of bomber jackets are the satin ones with beautiful floral designs embroidered on them! I was really close to buying the one below from ASOS, but stopped myself because in Shanghai it goes from hot to cold quickly and I rarely need a light jacket like this. It sure was tempting, though. There are also a few in similar styles available from Forever 21.

*Ruffles- This trend is feminine and romantic, and you have the option to have multiple levels of ruffles or just keep it simple with one. The ruffles can be all over or just embellishments on the sleeves. There are certainly a wide range of ruffled options for you! It's a trend that can be transitioned from a day to night look, too. 

Trends I'm Just Okay With

*Pineapples- While some pineapple prints are cute, I can't help but feel like I've seen this trend just a bit too much for my tastes. I like pineapples because they remind me of my time in the South. Pineapples were a common motif in the architecture of Savannah and Charleston, and they symbolized hospitality. However, I think I'd prefer to keep pineapples on my stationery rather than wear them. I do think others can rock a pineapple print, but it's just not totally for me.

*Bell Sleeves- I'm on the fence about the bell sleeve trend but could maybe be sold on it if I tried on some outfits in person. I've seen some bell sleeves that have huge flares, but I think I would stick to regular sized flares if I were going to try out this trend. 

Trends That Just Aren't For Me

*The Slip Dress- Since I'm a teacher, I try to buy a lot of pieces that I could wear during my time off and while at work. The slip dress does not fit this bill, so that's strike one. The tops of my arms are probably my least favorite part of myself, and with a dress like this, I wouldn't be able to disguise them. I just don't think it would look very flattering on me with my body type.

*Rompers- I've seen SO many adorable rompers, and I am a fan, but have yet to find one that I can pull off. Being very tall, rompers just don't fit me the way they are supposed to and end up being way too short in the torso, which leads to camel toe. Pass! I decided to get a romper made at the Fabric Market in Shanghai, and that was an utter disaster! When I tried it on, it still didn't fit, even though I got measured for it (???). Usually, I'm hard on myself with clothes and my friends will encourage me to wear pieces I'm not so sure about. When I tried this romper on in front of my friend Scott, we both laughed so hard at how ridiculous I looked. I said that there was no way I could wear it out in public, and he nodded profusely in agreement. Unfortunately, I got my romper sent to me and then the whole hospitalization thing happened, so I doubt they'll take it back or make adjustments on it now since months have passed. Maybe I'll try my luck again at the fabric market, but for now I just give up!

*Denim on Denim- You know those trends that look great on super trendy fashion-forward people but might not be the best fit for the rest of us? Mila Kunis looked great with her denim on denim outfit on the cover of the August 2016 Glamour, but Mila Kunis could pull off a potato sack. While denim on denim might look great on some, it's not for everyone, including me. 

What do you think of these trends?
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