Five Updates

August 24, 2016
With summer winding down and school starting up again, my life is about to drastically change. Here are just a few updates that I wanted to share.

One// As many of you know already, because of my back surgery, I had to cancel all of my summer travel plans and stay in Shanghai by myself to recover. I'm not going to lie, it did get lonely. At times, it was incredibly boring, but it was necessary for my overall health plan. Well, here soon my friends
will be arriving back to Shanghai! Will I be able to go out and gallivant with them and spend all day walking around the city? Definitely not. Will I be able to take it slow, hang out with them, maybe go for some coffee or out to eat? Count on it! It will be so wonderful just to be able to have them come over again and to socialize.

Two// Before my big surgery, all the parents of students in my class wrote and signed a letter to my school's principal requesting me as their teacher. They wanted me to move up with the class to second grade. Because I missed the last two months of teaching my students, it made me want to move up to second grade with them more than ever. After making several requests, it was confirmed that I'll be moving up with my class! I'm so glad it all worked out. As a teacher, you never know what you're going to get, and I know that my class last year was the best class I ever had. I'll also be working with the same co-teacher I had last year. She knows everything I've gone through and is more than willing to help me out. It's probably best that we're placed together because I can't do things like I used to, and I wouldn't want a new co-teacher to think I was lazy when I'm just injured still.

Three// I love a good thriller, especially all of Gillian Flynn's books. I'm happy to say that I just read another thriller that did not disappoint! It's called Find Her by Lisa Gardner. I read the book in two days because I couldn't put it down. I don't want to give anything away, but basically it's about a woman named Flora who was abducted and abused when she was in college. Flora's story ties in with other women who are missing. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and kept trying to figure out how this story would play out in the end.

Four// On May 1st I was hospitalized, and I wasn't able to take a shower for three and a half months. Before my surgery I physically couldn't. After the surgery, I couldn't stand at first, but the main reason why I was not permitted to do so is because I still have stitches in. The last time I saw the wound specialist, she gave me this waterproof cover to put over the stitches, so I was able to take two showers!! You guys, it was so wonderful, and I did NOT want to get out of there. The reason why she didn't give me those covers in the first place is because in China they are very hard to get. Each one costs about $20, and she was being nice by even giving me one for free. I sent my ayi to another hospital to go get me more covers, but unfortunately the ones she got are a bit too small and don't cover the whole wound, so that means I can't shower again. I just hope my stitches are removed soon so that I can take all the showers I want!

Five// I've been on bed rest for most of the summer, but last week I was able to go on my first real outing by myself since being hospitalized on May 1st. I made an appointment to get a manicure and pedicure and booked a foot massage. I was able to do these because they had a reclining chair, so I was basically lying down almost the whole time. (I'm still only permitted to sit for about 20 minutes at a time). Afterwards, I went to a coffee shop called Jamaica Blue and got an iced coffee, quiche, and an American brownie. It doesn't sound like much, but to me it was the best day ever!

What's your favorite thriller?
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