Fall 2016 Goals

September 17, 2016
I wasn't going to blog today, and then I saw Steph's link up, and thought, "Why not?" I haven't done a goals post in awhile and sharing goals with others helps me stay on track.

*Plan Christmas vacation to Sanya. I'm super nervous about this trip because the last time I traveled, I  ended up in the hospital for 55 days and had to get flown back to Shanghai on a stretcher and have back surgery. BUT, I'm also excited to finally be able to be somewhat normal and go on a short trip. My doctors told me that a three hour flight is okay for me, but that I should wear my back brace and try to get up as much as possible on the plane. I was planning on doing a girls' trip and we were going to stay at a resort for three days, so if it turns out I'm feeling too tired to go out and do activities, my plan is to just lounge at the resort and enjoy the tropical weather. This will be a good test run for Hawaii, and once I'm able to go on one trip and come out fine, I'm sure my confidence will be boosted for future trips.

*Finish reading The Mountain Shadow, the sequel to Shantaram. I have this on my Kindle and keep forgetting about it. To be honest, Shantaram is one of my favorite books of all time, but The Mountain Shadow just isn't holding my attention in some parts. 

*Go to a Friends' Thanksgiving. Last year instead of having a get together at someone's house and eating American food, we went to teppanyaki (a Japanese steakhouse). The food made me violently ill afterwards. I lost like 4 pounds in two days from food poisoning, ha ha. Let's just say that this year, I hope for a better Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure I'll have be able to have a good one. 

*Blog one time a week. Such a lofty goal, I know. No, but in all seriousness, it is hard for me to find energy to blog after work. After working a full day, my feet are usually so swollen, my back is sore, and I really need to lie flat and rest. I still would like to check in every now and again, and if I can post more, that's great. 

*Find fall food in Shanghai. I already ordered some pumpkin bread, and I'm kind of dying for a slice. This year, I want to be sure to have at least one piece of pumpkin pie, and if I could find some apple cider, that would be fantastic!

*Wire my dad $2,000. I already talked about my financial goals in another post, but my first paycheck since April will be coming at the end of September, and I need to pay my dad back for my surgery. It will be my first payment to him, and I'll be so relieved once I give him back even just a small portion of what I owe him. 

*Start hosting the Weekly Wrap Up again. Rachael and I hosted this link up a few years ago and then brought it back...We had just started, but then I was hospitalized for so long and had no or just plain spotty internet, not to mention I had some major health problems to worry about. We'd like to start it back up sometime soon.

*Hang out with my co-teacher. We will have a week off during October for the Chinese National Holiday, so we hope to do something fun together then. 

*Move back to my apartment. After my surgery, my friend Scott moved some of my personal belongings down to a 1st floor apartment in another building since I live on the top floor of an apartment building with no elevator. I was too unsteady to go up and down all those steps, so that's why I moved. I am getting antsy to go back to my own place, though. When I move back it will truly feel like I'm moving on from what happened to me last May. I very much look forward to taking that step.

What do you hope to accomplish this fall?
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