Why I'm Okay with Being a Hobby Blogger

September 26, 2016
When you're a blogger, you have to do what's right for you. Whether that means you blog full or part-time or whether or not you do it for a living, you need to choose what meets your needs. Right now I am a part-time hobby blogger, meaning, I post a few times a month and do not get paid on a regular basis. To be honest, I only ever earn a few cents when I use some affiliate links, which is peanuts, but I'm totally fine with that. I know I could try harder to put in more affiliate links, but right now that is not super important to me. Maybe one day this will change, and I'm certainly not bashing those who do, but my blog is an outlet for me to share my life, thoughts, experiences, and travels. Most importantly, it is fun for me...hence using the word "hobby." Below I'll be sharing why being a hobby blogger is the right choice for me.

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* I don't post consistently, and I don't feel guilty about it. Would I like to find more time to blog? Of course, but I have other priorities. My main one right now is my health, and I have to rest A LOT these days, so I just don't get upset thinking, "Oh my gosh, I only posted 4 times this month."

* Like I said, blogging is not a large source of income for me in the slightest bit, so I don't rely heavily (or really AT ALL) on any money I earn from it. I know bloggers who apply for all of those campaigns must work really hard, and right now that would just be more stress in my life. 

* Blogging doesn't feel like work. I don't have a blogging schedule or any real obligations to fulfill, and I love having that freedom!

* I don't think I have what it takes blog full-time as a main source of income. There are a lot of full-time bloggers out there that continually post at least three times a week and are always coming up with stellar content.  They have a strong presence on several forms of social media, too. While I enjoy sending out a few tweets here and there, and posting on Instagram, I am not that savvy when it comes to social media. Also, the big bloggers have to deal with such scrutiny. I don't think I want to be under the microscope like that--from grammatical errors to photography, those bigger bloggers can be judged harshly. 

* I like my full-time job right now, so I wouldn't want to give that up to blog full-time. There are some bloggers out there that do both, and more power to them, but I couldn't/wouldn't give up the large amount of time I devote to rest and relaxation and travel in order to work and blog full-time. 

* I have full control of the content I publish on my blog. I've turned down a couple of offers to write sponsored posts for products I don't truly believe in, and I don't even think twice about the money. Wait, that just made me sound like I'm rolling in money...read this post and you'll find that is far from the truth. 

* Tying this in with my last point, there is less pressure in general. Not all of my posts are helpful ones, which many big bloggers say is key for growing your audience. Some are (hopefully!) but there are a bunch of posts on here that are just me telling a story or sharing snippets from my life, and I don't really intend on stopping those types of posts. 

What kind of blogger are you?
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