Reasons to be Happy

November 11, 2016
I'm keeping my fingers crossed here, but I thiiiiink my life is starting to get good again! I was totally in a slump earlier this year because of my surgery. Another reason for feeling down in the dumps was that my work is harder than I thought it would be when I was expecting to have another easy year. I also had some friends leave Shanghai, and I'm left with no gay BFF. This is rather strange for me, as I've had a gay sidekick as a significant part of my life for about 14 years, so it just feels weird and empty without a close gay friend. Of course I'm still in touch with several of these guys via Facebook and We Chat, but it's not the same. So, I was coping with those issues, and just had to turn down so many invites due to my health. Now I'm getting stronger, and as I've mentioned before, my life is becoming a little more normal. With that normalcy, I am regaining the freedom to once again do what I love!! So, here are a few reasons as to why I've just had an awesome weekend along with a few events I'm looking forward to.

* I'm co-hosting a Thanksgiving get-together with Rachael and another gal at my school. Rachael is one of the best hosts and organizers and loves having people over, so our event is sure to be fun. We talked about it, and we don't want some big get together because it's too hard to organize and can get stressful. We thought about maybe going out to eat, but I've heard from others that it can totally be hit or miss. Like a delightful meal OR the restaurant runs out of turkey and pie. (Not pie!!!) We invited 15 people, but a few can't make it, so we'll probably have just over 10 people. The best part of it all is that we're going to order in the food from City Shop, which is supposed to be delicious. We've asked people to bring their own plates, drinks, and utensils, so there won't even be any clean up.  Since Rachael's place is near where we all live, it's convenient and we can come and go as we please, and I won't be out late on a school night. Also, my good British friend Lauren hasn't ever experienced an American Thanksgiving, so I'm excited to share part of my culture with her! I also got invited to another Thanksgiving get together, so I'll have two lush meals with good company that week.

* A group of us are going to Sanya for Christmas! Sanya has been called "the Hawaii of China," so we are going to a place where it will be warm, but not too hot. The average temperature around the time we're going is in the 70's, but I'm hoping it's going to be a little warmer. We are going to relax, swim (ideally), have nice meals, read, and just enjoy each other's company on Christmas. I have high anxiety about traveling again, since the last time I traveled I ended up getting flown back to Shanghai on a stretcher, unable to walk. I'm going with a great group who will help me get through my fears. I know that once I take another trip and have a positive experience, that it will build my confidence back up as far as traveling is concerned.

* Morocco MIGHT work out for me for our Chinese New Year break! I would get to use up the deposit I put down on it already, Rachael's all about going, and the tour company has openings when we want to go. Since it's a private tour, I can go at my own pace if I feel tired or if my back starts to hurt. My only worry is the flight over there because sitting for extended periods of time can really damage my back, so I'm going to have to call the airline and see if they are able to do anything for me once I show them my doctor's note. This trip wouldn't be until January, so by then, I think I'd be even stronger. Now I can walk pretty fast, but I'm going to start walking more around Shanghai so that I can build up my stamina.

* I just had a great spa day with Rachael at Dragonfly. We got a 95 minute deep cleansing facial in our own private room. It sure was relaxing, so now I just hope that it helps my skin.

* This article on where to find all of the pumpkin flavored goodies in Shanghai made my day! I've already tried Gracie's pumpkin spice flavored ice cream at Al's Diner, and I'm still thinking about it. My next mission is to go out and get a pumpkin spice latte. Truthfully, I didn't think there would be so many options in Shanghai, but once again I'm reminded about how I live in such an international city.

* I will be going with a few friends to see the Nutcracker in December! I saw it once in Columbus, but I know that it will put me in the holiday spirit, so I'm up for seeing it again. Just being able to make plans in general is something that I'm over the moon about. Before, I just couldn't commit to stuff because I was worried about whether or not my back could handle it.

* A friend I hadn't been able to hang out with in awhile saw me this past weekend and told me it looked like I'd lost a few pounds. This was very encouraging to hear! I just want the extra weight I put on when I couldn't walk for all those months to come off. I'm walking a lot more now, so I think that has made a difference.

* Others have been commenting on my progress after my surgery and have been saying that I'm walking a lot faster now. Physically, I have felt way better lately, but it makes me feel better mentally that others have also noticed!

I'm so happy to think that my bad streak of luck is over! Even little things to look forward to can make such a drastic difference in the overall scheme of things.

What has made you happy lately?

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