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May 30, 2017
We all have those posts sitting in our drafts section that are either unfinished or we're just simply holding back from publishing. I saw this post floating around the internet and figured I would join in, too!

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* Iceland Recap- I wrote about the highlights of my Iceland trip and the first part of my trip, but I never finished writing about the second part of what I did. I started to, but then I moved to China, so I was busy adjusting to my new life and preferred to write about that. I thought I would eventually "get to" my Iceland post, but there it is in my drafts section still unfinished. At this point, I'll probably just delete it because now so much time has passed and the details from the trip aren't fresh in my mind.

* A post about why I think I'm single- This one is reflective and deeply personal, yet part of me still feels compelled to want to share it. I just haven't worked up the nerve to do so at the moment.

* My Struggle with Weight- Again, this is another personal one. It started out okay, but it started to get self-deprecating, so I don't know if I'll ever be publishing this.

* What I Want in a Relationship- After my ex-boyfriend and I parted ways, I wrote this post. I'll just summarize it for you and say that the number one thing on my list is someone who challenges me to be better. That still rings true today, but I feel this isn't exactly the kind of post I want to share on my blog for now.

* A World Bucket List- There are just too many places on here, so I decided to focus on regions instead such as my European Bucket List. I wrote one for China, too.

* Must Haves For Any Hospital Stay- Since I spent 55 days in a Chinese hospital, I think I'm pretty much an expert on what to bring, but writing this post made me shudder because it reminded me of my time there. I need to move forward and don't really want to think about that anymore.

* My Financial Plan- This one drastically changed since I had the unexpected cost of a major surgery, so my plan was no longer relevant. I did end up publishing this revised one.

* My Summer Plans- I wrote a post about whether or not I should just go home this summer. I've made my decision, or rather, it was made for me. Eventually, I'll post what happened and what I'm going to do, but for now I just still need some more answers myself!

* Monthly Book Review Link Ups- I started this post one month when I read a lot of books, but then I realized that I didn't like any of the books I read so I didn't want to share that post. To be fair, the books weren't books that I picked out for myself--they were from other teachers that were leaving China. Sadly, I just haven't been reading enough books lately to post about this.

* A bad dating story- Several friends have suggested I post about one of my really bad dates from when I was living in Korea. I'm hesitant to share that, but it is a bizarre and funny story...and I love telling stories.

Would you like for me to actually post about any of these? What are some posts you're not willing to share?

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