What I Won't Post on Instagram

May 1, 2017
My favorite form of social media is, without a doubt, Instagram. Lately, I've been trying to step up my Instagram game, so it got me thinking about what my personal no-no's are.

Here are a few things I won't be posting on my account.

* Pictures of injuries- Believe me, I've had many to post about! But, I'll spare you my swollen ankles, wound in my back, my crazy looking scar where it looks like I was mauled, and bruises. I get that it's natural to want sympathy, but I know that I personally don't enjoy looking at that kind of stuff on others' feeds so I don't particularly want to post those types of pictures on mine. At all. I rarely post pictures like that, but if I really feel the need, I'll opt for another form of social media where my focus isn't to share pretty pictures.  

* Close ups of my students' faces- This one is hard for me NOT to do. My students are a big part of my life, as I've taught the same class for two years in a row. They're also beyond adorable, and I spend a huge chunk of my day with them. In the States when I taught in a public school, I would never, ever even dare to think about doing that, but now I'm in China at a private school and I feel like it's more lax. Several teachers at my school do post close up pictures with their students on their Instagram accounts. I don't think my students' parents would mind, but the keyword there is THINK. Unless I actually ask their permission, I just don't feel right. The most I will do is post some pictures of angles that don't show their faces up close. 

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* Different pictures of the same thing again and again- I like variety in my feed, so no matter how amazing I think the Shanghai skyline is, I probably wouldn't post more than two pictures of it near each other. If I do find myself with another cool picture of it that I can't resist posting, I'd likely wait and post it again a few weeks later. 

* More than two pictures in a row- When I travel, I get excited about what I'm seeing and want to post tons of pictures. However, as a courtesy to others, I refrain from posting more than two pictures back to back. Otherwise, it clogs people's feeds. I know when I scroll down, I get annoyed if I see 10 pictures in a row of someone's new puppy, whereas if those same pictures were spread out over time, I would have probably liked them all. 

* Blurry pics- About a month ago, two of my friends and I were in a really cute picture together so I posted it to my account only to decide to take it down. It was not a clear picture and it stuck out like a sore thumb. (At least to me!) Yes, my friends in the pic teased me for removing it, but I did put it on Facebook because I'm not as concerned about picture quality on there. 

* Someone else's picture- All of the pictures I've posted on my account are my own pictures. I have a lifestyle/travel account, so I want to stick with pictures that I've actually taken. I get that some accounts just repost other people's pictures, and I think that's fine (with credit and permission), but that's just not the kind of account I want to have personally.

* Current check in's- If I'm posting a picture of a place I'm currently at, I tend to not check in or add the check in part later. There's always the option to wait until later to post both the picture and check in. Living in Shanghai, I just feel so safe, so I started to just check in at places while I was there. When I went to Morocco, I got some private messages from men asking if I was still at the place I had checked in at! That freaked me out a bit, and it's something to think about when I go back to the States, too!

* Tons of selfies in a row- I'm no celebrity or model, so I don't see the need to post selfie after selfie and not much else. Don't get me wrong, I will post selfies, but I also am sure to spread them out. Honestly, accounts that are mainly selfies really bore me, and those are the types of accounts I usually end up unfollowing.

What will you not post on Instagram? What are your favorite types of Instagram posts?
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