August: The Blended Blog Asks

August 8, 2017
I saw this post floating around on several blogs and wanted to join in! The prompts remind me of those e-mail surveys my friends and I used to fill out in college (showing my age here!) and forward to each other. This came at the right time because my last post was kind of heavy, so let's keep this one light and fun.

1) Pool, lake, or ocean? This one is hard! I like all of them for different reasons, but since I hardly ever go to lakes (which is weird because I'm not too far Lake Erie), I've narrowed it down to ocean and pool. I guess for the overall experience, I would choose the ocean. I like lying down on the sand with a book, people-watching, looking for shells, and not being confined to a small area like the pool.  Then there are the sunsets and walks along the beach. Even though the beach is the winner for me, I do like SWIMMING more in a pool just because I get scared of all of the ocean animals that could potentially be around me out there. In a pool I don't have to worry about being stung by a jellyfish.

2) Camping, cottage, or hotel? Hmmm...not really sure I ever stayed in a cottage besides this one time I visited my friend in Toronto and she called her place a cottage. I guess I'm going to have to go with hotel just because I like all of the amenities. With my back issues, I don't know how comfortable camping would be for me these days, but I wouldn't rule out glamping!

3) Favorite ice cream flavor? Does frozen custard count? The other day I tried some lemon flavored custard at Whit's and it was up there for me. There were whole cookies in the custard! If we're talking strictly ice cream, then I guess I'd have to go with chocolate peanut butter, but only the kind that actually has real peanut butter chunks in it; not the kinds that are blended together.

4) PJ's, nightgown, t-shirt/shorts, or birthday suit? I usually wear a t-shirt and shorts, but my friend Lauren got me a nightie when I was in the hospital and I'm obsessed with that thing. It's from Marks and Spencer and it's made from the softest material--I cannot stop wearing it!

5) Favorite summer beverage? I love a nice glass of chilled white wine in the summer.

6) Would you rather be hot or cold? I'd rather be hot because all these other people who got spinal fusions wrote in my support group that cold weather really hurts their back. Thank goodness I haven't had to experience a brutal Ohio winter yet and just have enjoyed the mild winters in Shanghai. I don't want to have more pain, so I'll do my best to avoid the very cold temperatures.

7) Sandals with heels or flats? Flats. They are more comfortable and at 6'0" already, I feel more comfortable in them.

8) Shorts or skirts? I just realized I don't think I've worn a skirt in years, so I'm going to have to go with shorts on this one. I tend to just wear shorts or dresses and apparently pass on the skirt option.

9) Sit in the sun or shade? Definitely the shade! I am very pale and it doesn't take much for me to get burned. Also, I do care about skincare and want to avoid prolonged sun exposure and the wrinkles that come along with that.

10) Water, tea, or soda?  Water because it actually quenches my thirst and since I don't want to be dehydrated, I drink it the most often. I will have soda from time to time as a treat, though.

11) Favorite summer fruit or vegetable? Strawberries! Including chocolate covered ones, too. :)

12) Sunrise or sunset? I am not an early morning person, so I've definitely seen and enjoyed more sunsets in my life.

13) Bike ride or walk? Walking! I love walking around in cities that I visit or even cities I live in. I find it is the best way for me to explore. On a bike I feel like I might pass things by.

14) Winery or brewery?  Wineries all the way! I was lucky enough to just try out an excellent wintery in Ohio called Gervasi in Canton, Ohio. I HIGHLY recommend it.

15) Garden or no garden? I don't have a garden and probably never will, but applaud people who do.

16) Big summer concert or music in the park? Music in the park. I'd rather do something chill and concerts aren't as fun for me because I don't like crowds of sweaty people and getting shoved, ha ha...When I was younger, I totally would have said big summer concert.

17) Favorite cookout food? Corn on the cob. I'm showing my Pennsylvania/Ohio roots with this one.

18) Dine indoors or patio? Weather permitting, I prefer the patio. I guess in Shanghai, I'd have to say pollution permitting, too.

19) Favorite summer destination? I'm just going to go with the whole continent of Europe with this one. I'd love to do some more exploring there next summer.

20) Big theme park or local carnival? Hmm...well seeing as how someone just died in Columbus from a fair ride, I'll choose big theme park. I would really like to revisit Shanghai Disney this year!

21) Drinks blended or on the rocks? I like both and don't have a major preference for this one.

22) Popsicle flavor of choice? Cherry

23) Hot dog or hamburger? Hamburger. This just made me want to go to a cookout.

I do love summer, especially being a teacher and getting that time off. What are some of your summer favorites?
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