My 1st Ever Stitch Fix

August 8, 2017
I'll assume by now you more or less know what Stitch Fix is, so I'm not going to go into great detail on that. In case you don't know, you fill out a style profile on what type of clothing/accessories you like, are sent about 5 items, and can decide what to keep and send back. It's $20 no matter what. If you buy something, the $20 styling fee can go toward your first item.

I had been wanting to try Stitch Fix for ages, but I was in China for the last two years and couldn't. Since I was able to come back this summer, one of the first things I did was to sign up and order myself a box. I thought maybe that a stylist would send me items I wouldn't think to try for myself.

So, let's see how it worked out for me! I do want to mention that in the notes section, I wrote that I had a banquet coming up for my school and needed a dress to wear, but that it didn't have to look "teacher-y" because no students would be present. Here's what my stylist sent for my first piece...

Piece 1: Honey Punch Daniella Faux Wrap Maxi Dress $78.00

This was the dress that my stylist suggested I wear to my school's banquet with wedges or heels.  I put in my style profile that I never wore wedges or heels, so that comment made me think she didn't read my profile that well. Honestly, the dress is just not something I would wear for a night out. While I'm not going to be wearing it to the banquet, I think it's a pretty cute casual dress and wouldn't mind wearing it for a day out in Shanghai or even to teach in. I've never owned a wrap dress that you tie before, so this was a new style for me to try. I have to say, I liked that the wrap dress seemed to cover up my problem areas. Sometimes I have trouble finding flattering dressses, but this one seemed to work! It made me wish I had tried wrap dresses like this sooner.

I do love floral prints and the color red, so for me this one is a winner.

Pieces 2 and 3: French Grey Hortense Cutout Detail Knit Top $38.00
Kut From the Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean $88.00

Okay, so for the top, wow...It's so soft and comfy and I do love the cut out element. It is a bit heavy, which means I probably wouldn't be able to wear it until about October in Shanghai just because I feel like it would be too hot. I want to love this top, but I guess the bigger issue is that I'm broad shouldered and I feel like it makes my shoulders look bigger than they actually are. My pose in the picture doesn't make them look too bad, but just imagine that both of my arms are down...I'm not sure the shirt does me any favors.

The jeans are great, and the color and cut are my style. They fit almost perfectly. They could be maybe 1 inch longer on the bottom, but I know I have a ridiculously long inseam, so I don't care that they are a teeny bit shorter than I would like. I don't usually spend $88.00 on jeans, but since I wear jeans ALL the time (even to work!), I'm going to give this pair a try.

Pieces 4 and 5: Romolo Kiri Stone Lariat $28.00
Collective Concepts Bailin Crochet Detail Blouse $48.00

The necklace that they sent is adorable, but I asked to not really be sent jewelry. I am pretty good at buying jewelry, but not so good at actually remembering to wear it. Plus, I don't know if the necklace is really worth the $28.00 price tag. Still, it's cute and I have trouble saying no to jewelry which is why I put down that I didn't want jewelry, ha ha.... But apparently I DO want it because I'm going to keep it. I could never do Rocksbox (jewelry subscripton service). I would keep everything and be bankrupt.

Onto the blouse. As I said, I love floral prints and think this one is gorgeous. What I do not like is that it doesn't have sleeves because my upper arms are a problem area. I wore cap sleeves once in China and two people commented on how fat my arms were, so in my style profile I put down that I wanted to keep my upper arms covered. Again, that made me question whether or not my stylist read my profile, although she must have looked at my Instagram account that I linked for her because on that I said I loved florals.

The Verdict: What I want to do is keep the jeans, dress, and necklace because I do really love those pieces. The sleeveless shirt is pretty, but I wish it had sleeves, so I wanted to send it back. The gray top made me look too big up top, so I wanted to return that, too. When I did the math though, it didn't seem worth it to return the two shirts. If you keep all 5 pieces, Stitch Fix rewards you with 25% off. Twenty-five percent off of all of my items is $70.00. The total price of the two shirts is $86.00, so to return those two shirts, I'd only be getting $16.00 back. Would I rather keep the two shirts for the price of $16? They're not perfect, but for $8.00 each? Well, I think that I would. Stitch Fix really got me there.

I won't be getting Stitch Fixes anytime soon because I have to go back to China, but this was a fun way to treat myself. If I come home next summer, I'd like to try it out again. I don't think I could stay subscribed to a clothing subscription box like this long-term because I would probably want to keep almost everything all the time!

What do you think of my first Stich Fix? Which pieces are the best and which ones are flops?

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