August 25, 2017
When my pal Rachael and I went to Iceland a few years back, Rachael said she thought it would be a good idea to start a hashtag to document our trip on Instagram. We also wanted to encourage others to use it to document anything adventurous that they decided to do. The hashtag "the adventurous way" comes from combining the names of both of our blogs: Adventures of a Dream Catcher + The Rachael Way. Rachael thought of it and asked me if it would be okay--I happily agreed, thinking it was pretty clever.

While the hashtag isn't HUGE, I was pumped to see that there were over 1,000 posts, so I wanted to do a little feature of some of my favorite posts that I felt showcased something truly adventurous. I still use the hashtag fairly often myself but have to say that my life hasn't been too adventurous since my spinal fusion. While I'm not able to do any zip lining or adventure sports, adventure to me can just mean trying out a new food or doing something outside of your comfort zone. I hope the pictures below inspire you to live life the adventurous way!

1) I love this photo because it captures adventure in two ways--both the photographer and the child are being adventurous. User didersmith snapped this shot of a child on a reindeer while he was staying with reindeer herders in Mongolia. Read his detailed caption for more exciting information about his trip.

Yes, this kid is riding a reindeer! @radical_buddhist and I spent the past 9 days on an expedition to a very remote region of northern Mongolia to stay with one of the few remaining families of reindeer herders. Called the Dukha people, they've lived in a symbiotic relationship with their reindeer for centuries. Unfortunately, there is only a handful of families remaining today. To get to their village, we had to put together a full support team (as the people are nomadic, it would have been impossible to even find them otherwise), then ride off-road for two days until the terrain became impassable. Then, we ditched the bikes and continued on horseback for another two days, until we finally arrived at the high mountain valley where the people had made their summer home. I'll release more details in the coming days - for now it's time to hit the road again. Staying with these people and their reindeer was an incredible experience I'll never forget. #roundtheworld #exploretheplanet #adventuretourism #adventuretravel #goplaces #itsbetteroutside #madeforadventure #lovetheoutdoors #outdoorsy #gooutsideandplay #adventurous #ontheroadagain #itsamazingoutthere #doyourbest #selfbelief #keepmovingforward #mindsetiseverything #takeaction | #thetimeisnow #youcan #keepmoving #anythingispossible #chaseyourdreams #roadtosuccess #fearnothing #theadventurousway #wearewanderlusters #trueadventure #rtwtrip #rtwtravel
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2) The next photo was posted by my friend Steven (stevenonthego). It fascinates me because I know I could never do a pose like this! Steven quit his job teaching to pursue his dream of teaching yoga. He trained in India and is now hoping to teach yoga full-time. Check out his account for more yoga poses along with some fabulous travel pictures.

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3) I may be a bit biased in choosing the next picture, but I just LOVE the shot my friend Chris (cjphennessey) took while we were together in Macau. It shows the famous Ruins of St. Paul in the background. There's nothing more adventurous than taking a weekend trip to a new place and going exploring!

4) The next shot has the most gorgeous sunrise that user Upwardhiking posted before a hike in Hawaii. To me, hiking is always an adventure because you never know what you might encounter along the way: fellow travelers, new scenery, animals, etc. I think it's one of the best ways to explore a new place.

5) I can't think of adventure and not think of zip lining. This photo by Parkerlennon stood out to me because of the person zip lining right between the couple--such a neat shot! Of course being in the rain forest also helps raise up the adventure points.

I hope you consider joining in and using #theadventurousway the next time you explore!

What's your favorite picture with theadventurousway hashtag?
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