Places I Want to Visit Again

September 4, 2017
Are there just some places that you could revisit again and again? For me, there are. Most of the places I want to go back to are based on personal reasons and/or because I have ties or sentimental attachments to those places. Still, I feel there is a lot to gain from revisiting somewhere you've been to before. Maybe you'll get to see an old friend again, or maybe you'll have more of a chance to get off the beaten path and do something you haven't done the first time around. Places change and with that change is more opportunity to explore.

Below are a few places I'd really love to return to!

1) Seoul, South Korea

Why I Want to Go Back: I lived in Seoul from 2003-2004 and then again from 2006-2008, so I spent three years living there in my 20's. I have not been back to Seoul since 2008 and now that I'm living in Shanghai, a trip to Seoul can easily be done on a weekend. In fact, many of my co-workers have been over the last two years. Instead, I opted to travel to places within China that I hadn't been to before such as: Yangshuo, Harbin, and Xi'an. Since I have already been to most of the places I wanted to go to in China, now I feel like it's finally time for me to head back to Korea. My friend Lauren worked in Korea, too, and we always talk about the food, culture, and our times teaching over there. She has expressed interest in going back to Seoul again, so I think it would be cool for the two of us to go over there together. One of my friends from China moved there, and I still have some friends living over there from when I was there! I'm curious to see how Seoul has changed over the past 9 years, as I'm sure it has. In fact, I heard that parts of it will be unrecognizable based off what I remember.

What I Want to See/Do: 1) I'd like to go back to a lot of my favorite places in Seoul like Myeong Dong, Insa Dong, and Hongdae. 2) The Hello Kitty Cafe is a must, especially because they closed the one near me in Shanghai before I ever got a chance to go! 3) Visit the Trick Eye Museum because it looks like a fun time with plenty of chances for photo ops. 4) Eat all the Korean food that I can, especially Korean barbecue and tuna kimbap.

2) Newfoundland, Canada

Why I Want to Go Back: The locals were so friendly here and many parts of Newfoundland were pristine and beautiful. The main reason I'd like to return is because three of my dear friends live in Newfoundland and they're all there right now. The first time I visited, I was only able to see one of my friends. Now that all three of them are back, I feel like I want to go soon because we all haven't seen each other in such a long time.

What I Want to See/Do: 1) Get screeched in. I technically did not get screeched in "officially" when I first visited. To get screeched in is a Newfie tradition involving guests to the island. You are supposed to have some Screech (rum with a high alcohol content), kiss a cod, and then learn some local slang. This is done to welcome visitors, and some places even give you a certificate. 2) Go out into the water and see icebergs. 3) Go on a road trip and stop at charming fishing villages such as Dildo. Yes, you read that right.

3) Italy

Why I Want to Go Back: Do I really need to explain this? I think most people WOULD want to go back to Italy. I miss speaking Italian and am completely out of practice. I miss the warmth of the people in Southern Italy and eating freshly prepared Italian food for almost every meal. I also have some ties there and want to see the family I nannied for years ago. Even though I lived in Italy for a year, I feel like I just barely scratched the surface of everything I wanted to see and do there.

What I Want to See/Do: 1) Go to Verona and see "Juliet's" balcony. 2) Revisit Tuscany. I did get to visit Siena, Firenze, and Cortona, but there are so many other towns in Tuscany that I'd love to get to such as: Lucca, San Gimignago, Viterbo, Montepulciano, etc. 3) Go to Cinque Terre for those gorgeous views and coastal villages on the Italian Riveria.

4) Iceland

Why I Want to Go Back: My friend Scott and I were going to go on a road trip through Iceland the summer before last, but I ended up hospitalized, so we had to cancel our whole trip. This is still something I'd very much like to do together! I've traveled a lot with Scott, but I just feel like Iceland would be "his thing."

What I Want to See/Do: 1) Go to the Silfra Fissure to snorkel between two tectonic plates. This has been something I've always regretted not doing. 2) Go to some more hot springs besides the two I visited last time (the Blue Lagoon and Secret Lagoon). 3) Explore the northern part of Iceland since last time our trip focused on the South.

5) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

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Why I Want to Go Back: I grew up in Pittsburgh and have not been back since I was 18 years old. If you're noticing the whole "I used to live here" theme in places I want to go back to, you're right. I've never been to a single bar in Pittsburgh and never got to experience the nightlife. I've barely even driven around it since I moved when I was 15, one year before I got my driver's license. My dad has been back and told me that it has changed for the better. Being back there would be surreal in a sense and would also be very "Sliding Doors" in a way.

What I Want to See/Do: 1) Ride on the incline for views of the city. 2) Eat at Conflict Kitchen. 3) Visit the Andy Warhol museum. 4) Go to a Pirates game. 5) Take a trip to Kennywood, my favorite amusement park from my childhood.

What are some places that you just didn't get your fill of the first time around? Or, what are some places you feel you feel tied to because of your past?
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