Am I a Travel Blogger?

October 30, 2017
When I think of a travel blogger, a certain image comes to mind. I would say there is definitely a stereotypical version of what a travel blogger looks like. At one point, I would have labeled myself a travel blogger, but now I'm not so sure. I was thinking about it and realized that in many ways I don't fit in at all, but I'm okay with that. Below, I'm going to list out some of the stereotypes and write about why I don't meet the requirement, so to speak.

1) A travel blogger is in his or her 20's. It's true that an overwhelming number of travel bloggers are in their twenties. It makes sense. In most cases many younger adults have more freedom to be able to travel. I'm also seeing a lot of travel bloggers that started out in their 20's and have now hit their 30's but they are continuing to blog because they've made a career out of it. As a blogger over the age of 35, I do feel ancient when I think of the travel blogging community. I know that there are some travel bloggers of all ages and there are those who do travel with their families, but there are not many of these types of bloggers compared to the younger bloggers. While I do enjoy posts written by younger travel bloggers, I would like to see more variety in the field.  

2) Travel bloggers write the majority of their posts about traveling. Traveling is a big part of my life and I do write about traveling, but I feel that it would be difficult to write a bunch of unique guides that haven't already been done before. That's why most of my travel posts are about personal experiences. I know the blog world is already saturated with travel posts done by professional bloggers who are willing to put in a whole lot more effort than I am willing to. I also wouldn't say that I write the majority of my posts about traveling. When I started traveling a lot a few years ago, I was headed in the direction of being more of a travel blogger, but I decided that I don't want that to be my sole focus. Since blogging is my hobby, I want to be able to write about whatever I want and not feel restricted in terms of content. The next post I want to write is about beauty trends I have and haven't tried yet which has nothing at all to do with traveling, but I'm looking forward to sharing it regardless. The truth is, I already have a full time job and I don't want blogging to feel like work to me, so maybe that's why I'm not that serious about the content of my posts and whether or not they are travel related. 

3) Travel bloggers are thin. That doesn't apply to me at all. Being curvy myself, I would like to see more bloggers of all shapes and sizes out there. If you have the perfect body and want to rock it in every photo on Instagram, more power to you, but it's so important to not put your life on hold if you don't have that bikini body. 

4) Travel bloggers love to fly or at least they must not mind it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have a fear of flying. Air travel is extremely stressful for me. I have only been able to sleep one time on a plane in my whole life and that was with prescription sleeping medicine. After longer flights, I'll usually leave the plane exhausted and with a headache I've given myself from all that worrying I've done on the flight. I've tried to be better with flying and have been trying to distract myself on the flights. I know my fear is irrational when looking at the statistics, but anxiety isn't always logical. My fear of flying has changed the way I travel. I prefer to slow travel when time is not an issue. If trains or buses are available instead of flights, I opt for those if it is possible. I would also say that sometimes I have not scheduled trips because of my fear of flying. 

5) Travel bloggers have quit their jobs to travel full-time or else they are aiming to do this in the future. This is not the case for me. I work as a teacher full-time and wouldn't consider quitting my job. I like to have a home base to come back to and need to have high-quality health insurance which is usually provided by employers.

6) Travel bloggers are healthy and don't have health issues. In general, I find this to be true, but I applaud anyone traveling with a disability or with restrictions. I have plenty of restrictions myself ever since having a multi-level spinal fusion so I'm very interested in reading travel posts by other bloggers who have similar issues.  

7) Travel bloggers post regulary about travel. Successful travel bloggers do this, anyway. I live in China with bad internet, so it's not always feasible to post when I want to. Sometimes I can get online, but I just can't access my blog because certain websites in China are restricted without a VPN. My VPN doesn't always work, so some days it's impossible to blog.

In the end, I don't know where my blog falls, but I will still be writing posts about my trips. I will still be posting about stuff that isn't about traveling, too. My biggest takeaway from this is that I want to read more travel blogs by those who aren't "stereotypical" travel bloggers. Do you have any suggestions?
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