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October 23, 2017
Happy Monday! I've been wanting to blog for a long time but have once again been having major internet issues. That's life in China. Since the internet is sporadically working today, I thought I'd do a quick favorites post.

1) R & B Hair Moisturizer- Over the summer, I went shopping with my mom and sister and saw that there was a Lush store in the mall we were in. I got a little too happy over that and went in to see what new goodies I could discover. I picked up three products, but BY FAR the best performing one was the Revive & Balance hair moisturizer, or R & B for short. This product is supposed to be good for frizzy hair, but I bought it because the water in China is so full of chemicals that it wreaks havoc on my locks. It makes my hair difficult to brush through and very dry. I also got hair straightening last spring, so my hair is a bit damaged from that too. This product works so well at helping the tips of my hair where it's having the most problems. I've always used R & B after brushing out my hair so it's straight, but when my waves start coming back I'd like to see how it works with those. Not to mention that it smells amazing--orange blossoms and jasmine. The jasmine isn't too overpowering for me like it is with Lush's Godiva shampoo bar.

2) "Praying" by Kesha- I meant to do a favorites post this summer and mention this because that is when I started listening to this song, but low and behold it's still one of my current faves. To be honest, I've liked Kesha's older songs because they're catchy, but I never knew she could sing as well as she did in "Praying." I love the song for the meaning behind it, too. She was wronged by her former producer, but the song is about not holding onto that hate and letting it destroy her life. A great comeback song!

3) Dayna Kut from the Kloth Stitch Fix Jeans- This past summer, I got my first ever Stitch Fix. I thought $88.00 for a pair of jeans was a bit pricey but bit the bullet because I liked the way the jeans looked on me. Well, my old pair of favorite jeans tore in three places, so I had to get rid of them. Which pair of jeans do you think replaced them as my go-to jeans? I seriously have to limit myself to wearing them twice a week! 

4) Sparkling Ice Drinks- My sister introduced me to these drinks when I visited her in Michigan over the summer. I know that water is obviously still the best, but I need to change it up once in awhile. The flavors I tried were black cherry and black raspberry and both were refreshing. If I could buy these in China, I would get them instead of soda. 

5) Old Navy Wristlets- Before my back surgery, I would carry around a huge purse filled with everything I needed and also with things I only thought I needed. Since I was very restricted in what I could carry after my surgery, I bought a wristlet from Old Navy and got rid of most of the items in my purse. It was so freeing! I like still being able to hold onto my purse while I carry it without it having to be on my shoulders. I bought a red velvet wristlet last year and a white one for spring. I'm hoping this winter they have the velvety ones back in stock because I'd love a black one! On the U.S. website, this suede one caught my eye. Keeping my fingers crossed that they have some available in China. 

6) The Shock of the Fall- I was in the airport in Myanmar and was trying to find a way to spend my extra kyat since I didn't want to take what little cash I had left back with me. I came across The Shock of the Fall and was immediately sold. The back reads, "I'll tell you what happened because it will be a good way to introduce my brother. His name's Simon. I think you're going to like him. I really do. But in a couple of pages he'll be dead. And he was never the same after that." The book focuses on the main character Matthew as a child and as a teenager, narrated by Matthew himself.  Much of the story is about how he copes with the loss of his brother while also being mentally ill. Interestingly enough, author Nathan Filer works as a mental health nurse so it's easy to see how his insight affected his writing. This book was one I couldn't put down! 

7) Chinese medicine- After living in China for three years, I've finally found some Chinese medicine that is really effective! My co-teacher gave me some medicine to put over mosquito bites and this stuff actually makes the itching stop. The medicine has saved me this week because the mosquitoes are BAD in Shanghai right now. Every time I take my students out for recess I get at least five new mosquito bites guaranteed. When I leave China, I'll even take some of this back home with me to the States. I highly recommend searching for this if you travel throughout China.  It can save you a lot of grief!

What are some cool new items that you've found? Any good reads to share?

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