What I Wonder About

December 4, 2017
I have a notebook that I use to write down blog ideas as they pop into my head. This one has been in there for a while, and since I had a rather exhausting work week, I wanted today's post to be easy to write and to keep it (mostly) lighthearted with what I wonder about.

*Why do I have a ghost double chin? In real life I examine my chin from every angle and do not see a double chin, yet in photos it appears. Where did it come from?? See proof in the picture below. It could have been the cutest photo of three of my good friends and me, but instead, the double chin came out. Since the photo was a re-do of our very first banquet photo, I still like it for the sentimental value.

*Why do I manage to spend more money on weekends in than weekends out? I'm going to go ahead and answer this in part by saying I spend SO much money on food here. I didn't use to do that. When I stay in, I usually order food from Sherpa's, a food delivery service in Shanghai. I never ordered from there once until I moved to my new apartment, but now I have to say that I'm addicted. It's so easy and for a delivery fee, you can pretty much order from tons of great restaurants all over Shanghai. 

*Does cupping really work? Cupping is commonly done here as a way of drawing out toxins. My Chinese friend recently got it. It's been popular in recent years with a bunch of celebrities. I'm curious to try it if it does help with blood flow and whatnot, but at the same time, I don't want to pay money for someone to basically bruise me. 

*Why don't more products have names that flatter you? Why yes I'll apply more Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum. 

*Why is Titus on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt so hilarious? I just can't get over, "Gum is a lie your mouth tells your stomach."

*Why did my own cousin defriend me on Facebook? I didn't grow up near my cousins so I can't say I know them very well, but one of them friend requested me a few years ago. I thought that was nice of her to try to make an effort to get to know me and it meant a lot. I happened to notice that she defriended me because she shows up in tagged photos on my aunts' feeds. To top it all off, she is still friends with my sister! I know it was a crappy move on her part, but I can't help but feel extremely insulted. I try to brush it off because she is quite a bit younger than me and I can't say I'm a fan of Facebook, but I am very sensitive about that sort of thing. 

*Will I ever stop missing my former student enough to quit drinking out of a mug with his face on it every day? The mug is plain black until you pour hot water in. Then a picture of the two of us together will appear. It really does make me smile almost every morning!

*Who is going to stay and who is going to leave at my job? I wonder this every year. I think our school retains a high percentage of teachers considering we are all expats, but who leaves and who stays really affects who is left behind and the jobs we are required to do. 

*Will Scott come back to Shanghai? He told me that he would 80% come back for five years at the beginning of the year. Ha ha.. I asked him what % for just one year, but weeks passed before he saw my message, so by the time he answered, it had gone down to 70%. What caused this change? One of our mutual friends told me, "Lisa, I can already tell you that he's 0% coming back next year." I'm trying very hard not to get my hopes up, but life is always better with one of your best friends in it! 

*Have my friends "Pavlov dogged" me into gagging every time I hear the song "Little Donkey"? My British friend started to sing it when something gross was going on during our morning ride to school. Now every time something disgusting happens, we sing it. Snot rocket sighting? "Little Donkey." Our driver coughing up phlegm and spitting it out the window? "Little Donkey." Now when they start to sing it, I instantly start to feel sick.

*Will our friend Steven travel with Rachael and me this summer? He mentioned that he would, but nothing has been confirmed yet. I really hope he does at least for part of the trip! It would be so great to see him again. 

*Why do I get all of these fake accounts following me every time I check in on Instagram anywhere in Shanghai? It's super annoying and seems to not happen when I check in at other places. 

As I wrap up this post, I'm wondering what you are all wondering about. So, what's on your mind these days? 
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